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Appetizer Plate

Ice-cold “Bouchot” Mussels (for 2 persons) with Chives and Espelette Pepper 9.50 €
Chiffonnade of Serrano Ham (for 2 persons), 18 months of refining 15,00 €
Assorted Cold Pork by-products (for 2 persons), Terrine Beaujolais region, Pork Brawn, Jesus and Lyon Rosette 14,50 €

Cold starters

Berry Lentil Salad with Chives and Sherry Vinegar Dressing 7,75 €
Duck Foie Gras, Chutney of Apricots, Toasted Bread 16,50 €
Ice-cold “Bouchot” Mussels with Chives and Espelette Pepper 9,50 €
Plate of Terrine of the Beaujolais region, Pig's Pork Brawn, Jesus and Lyon Rosette 14,50 €
Terrine of Chicken Liver with Porto 9,50 €
Zander and Pike with Crawfish Biscuit, Shellfish Cream Sauce 10,50 €
Salmon of Scotland “Red Label" smoked by our care, Toasted Bread, Cream with Dill 14,50 €

Hot starters

Extra-large Burgundy Snails
Six (6) 11,00 €
Twelve (12) 20,00 €
La Célèbre Gratinée au Madère (served only for dinner after 7pm) A Traditional Recipe prepared at your table: Onion Soup au Gratin with an Egg Yolk and Madeira 9,00 €
Marrow Bone with Crunchy Guérande Salt and Toasted Bread 9,75 €
Cream of Mussels with Saffron 9,75 €